• Detroit Style Chilli
  • Grilled Atlantic Salmon

Garage Bar
Grand Rapids

About us

We like to say the Garage Bar & Grill 'runs a good party'.

What's that mean?
It means we make real food, starting with fresh ingredients, then turn up the flavor
with a garage twist.
It means cold beer with no pretense, real drinks with booze you can taste,
and even a shot with your friends if you're in the mood.
It's music you can sing along to and the kind of people who don't mind if you're a little outta tune.
So when they ask you, what is the grand rapids garage bar & grill?
" tell 'em "It's real food, real drinks, real people, and no bullsh*t!
"Or just tell 'em that 'we run a good party.'"
� Kevin Farhat, Founder